Seared Scallop, Strawberry, and Basil Salad.

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Appetizers / Gluten Free / salads / Savory / Seafood / Summer / Sweet / Tart


I adore fruit in many savory applications and here, these U-10 scallops are kept pretty simple with a touch of a few strawberries.

I especially adore this combination because it’s bright, and unexpected. There’s a sweet creaminess from the beautiful scallops and an explosion of sweet and tart juice from the strawberries. Strawberries and cream? A slightly different approach on that, but yes sure, strawberries and cream.

No need for a vinaigrette, the juice from the strawberries, the cooking oil from the scallops, some herbs, and a splash of lemon juice make this dish very easy to prepare.



  1. yummmm! this looks incredible. I’m thinking of you while I’m here in Paris. the produce is so damn good. the breads are so damn good. hot hot hot from the bakery, there’s one sitting next to me now. I just killed a croissant. Now on to some cheese

  2. Stunning! What a gorgeous recipe, and it sounds absolutely delicoius. Scallops pair so beautifully with fruit.

    I love how you liken this dish to strawberries and cream – what a great description!

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