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Zucchini Risotto.

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Fall / Gluten Free / Risotto / Savory / Summer

 Zucchini Risotto with a Sweet Corn and Baby Spinach Broth - Finished with Mascarpone, Lemon Oil, and Pine Nuts       Sweet Corn Broth + Spinach Addition: makes 5 cups broth, 2 cups spinach-zucchini liquid   2 cobs of corn, stripped of corn kernels, (reserve for risotto) 1 large carrot, roughly chopped 6 cups water 2-3 cloves garlic, smashed 1 tb kosher salt 2-3 zucchini, cut lengthwise, inner white parts cored—makes about 2 cups […]

Crispy Horseradish Gnocchi : Stewed Black Grapes. Scarlet Turnip Shavings. Goat Gouda Cheese and Greens

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Appetizers / Fruit / Pasta / Risotto / salads / Savory

  It’s just another day around these parts lately. Low moods, transition, awkward mind, an accumulation of nameless energies really. My attempts with most things around me seem a little lost at the moment, so it’s just different coming to this space carrying on like everything is great, when they just don’t feel to be some days. But that’s the way it will be in life, and that is okay. We transition. We accept, we grow, […]

creamy cambozola mushroom risotto

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Fall / Gluten Free / Risotto / Savory

My heart is heavy and it’s the middle of November already. These last few weeks have been pretty hard in a life way, they’ve gone quickly, and they’ve been a stressful and testing few. I will say this, life is happening. My fiance and I are in my hometown in California again and we are with my family through some big transitions. The kind of transitions that pull you towards the face of an ultimate […]