Finding a Way Through Crisp Air and Citrus

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Appetizers / Dessert / Gluten Free / Sorbet / Sweet


D. and I just came home from a very successful weekend trip with friends, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had waiting for me in the freeze.

We are enjoying what’s left of this delicious sorbet, as we cool down in our little sauna here. There’s a very dry hot heat inside our space unlike the freezing world it is outside. And it is so not forgiving. Controlled heat pipes paired with some windows cracked open for ventilation is the situation in place with a typical nyc apartment during the winter. And we’re in the thick of it! Right now, I’m welcoming the crisp air to find it’s way in, while letting a pretty cup of this refresh me.


Wishing you all a happy week! I hope to be back soon, as I want to start posting a bit more frequently. Stay tuned!

Recipe can be found here.


With winter love,

from a departing citrus sorbet and me.





  1. The sorbet sounds wonderful, but it’s the photos that stopped me. I keep looking at it! Do you have your EXIF info on Flickr or other photo website anywhere? If only my photos came out like that…




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