1. thefauxmartha says

    Your photography skills are mad good! Please teach me your ways. Sincerely, Melissa.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I LOVE eating tentacles, and it totally grosses my husband out. :) This meal is perfect for the warm weather we’re having at the moment, and I think chili oil, or some sautĂ©ed chorizo and the resulting oil drizzled over is perfect.

  3. I am utterly in love with your blog and recipes :-) This is my absolute favourite kind of food – fresh, fishy and full of flavour and colour. Octopus is so hard to get right, but when it is, it’s just the most delicious thing.

  4. Those are the most adorable little tentacles I’ve ever seen. I love all the colors and swirls in the dish. It’s gorgeous.

  5. This looks amazing! Great job of making octopus look so appetizing, I’ll definitely be trying this.

  6. I love that you described your mood as ‘electric.’ I adore octopus–especially baby octopus! Those photos are just stunning. If I lived anywhere near that store, I would go there ALL THE TIME. Can’t wait for the recipe!

  7. I must admit I’m a tad bit squeemish about octopus, but your photos are absolutely *lovely*. They look adorable in that salad – I can’t stop looking. {I love your space here.}

  8. Kelsey says

    These photos are stunning! And I do agree, they have the cutest legs ever.

  9. I love what you’ve done with this octopus – the contrasting colors, the textures, the photography – it’s all amazing! I am featuring this post in today’s Friday Food Fetish roundup (with a link-back and attribution), but please let me know if you have any objections. It’s a pleasure following your creations…

  10. Those little suckers are so appealing, aren’t they? I’m usually lured by squid, but seeing those little octopus tentacles has definitely charmed me and piqued my interest. And the luscious, deflated cherry tomatoes…well, they just about made my knees buckle.

  11. Maryanne says

    This looks beautiful and delicious! Will you post the recipe soon?

  12. I’m seconding that last comment: may we please see the recipe?
    Lovely work. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. I would like to make this tomorrow. Can you please tell us what the water is seasoned with???? Thanks

  14. jen laceda says

    I had a really excellent baby octopus dish (grilled) in Barcelona’s La Boqueria. It was so good that we went back there 3x during a 5-day stay! That was the only place we keep going back to. You know it is cooked well when the octopus is tender, and the sauce, well-balanced. Yours look absolutely amazing! It makes me want to cook octopus NOW (or lick my screen)!

  15. I just ate at The Water Grill in Santa Monica CA and was browsing, trying to find a recipe for an almost identical dish when I came upon your blog. Lovely photography, by the way,
    but do you have a recipe?

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