1. What a lovely blog you have. So glad to have come across it via Foodgawker. Will check in on your lovely creations and even more mouthwatering props regularly now.

  2. I love the refreshingly cool blackberry you got here. I’m always craving for those blackberries however they are made of.

  3. Teresa says

    i love how this drink enables me to drink beer with a straw. cant wait to try it!

  4. Yadi-They were delicious, thank you!

    Sukaina- And now I have discovered a great blog because of it too!! So thank you! You’re very kind, much appreciated.

    Fudo- Thank you!

    Teresa- Go get some fun straws and drink up! We LOVE beer over here too.


  5. wow. i’m in an heirloom tomato state of mind and this post made me swoon. this is my first visit to your blog & it’s just lovely. i’ll be back. :)

  6. Tami,

    Appreciating your visit and kind words over here, thank you so much! I hope that your state of mind brings you lots of inspiration and comfort within the results of your creations. Heirlooms are so so special aren’t they? Very excited to pop over to your beautiful site now more often too. Many thanks girl!

  7. Tomato and mayo sandwiches are also my favorite summer food! I could (and practically do) eat them every day of summer!! Sometimes I add some sliced avocado…heaven. Beautiful photos!

  8. Tricia Campo says

    I love your site. Reading your blog and seeing the tomato and mayo sandwiches reminds me of my younger years and eating a tomato sandwich with my father who grew tomatoes in our backyard garden. Thanks for triggering fond memories of Poppi.

  9. What a display of images! I’m overloaded on obsessing over your photos, so stunning and gorg! I’m subscribing toot sweet and would love to feature you on my blog. Thanks for the great post and your hard work.

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