Avocado Squash Filled with Spaghetti alla Carbonara di Zucchine

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Pasta / Savory / Summer


The market was fully loaded with these vibrant green zucchini globes for the last few weekends-sweet and creamy avocado squash.

I had my eye on them a week ago, but ultimately decided not to give in since I had already picked up enough fruits and vegetables for our week. A week went by and I returned this Saturday to find them waiting for me.


Summer squashes are bred into delightful varieties and shapes and they can add so much character to a dish.

I made sure to grab a few from this avocado variety, but also a few others to truly showcase an array of summer squash in a dish. Scalloped and striped patty pans, and a couple of green and yellow straight necked zucchini would do the trick.



In the midst of the madness at the market, I was under this tent holding these vibrant zucchini planets in the palm of my hands. I had them at my fingertips to admire and most importantly, to ponder a creative direction I would decide to go with.

Though, I couldn’t help but to be caught up in the heat of that tent moment, literally. A moment where I’m realizing how something so simple, yet so complex and beautiful can be yours and yours to grow, given the proper circumstances. I can’t help but to stop and think about how beautiful this planet can be sometimes; the varieties, offerings, choices, and the fruits in front of me just then were only a gift from it.

This is exactly what comes over me when I’m on my mission for the best produce. It’s a connection I tend to fall for naturally. A connection and feeling everyone can relate to in some way with food.

When D. and I have a home and family, I’m going to give the world another garden. Isn’t that always the dream for a cook anyways? It is mine, and someday I would like that very much. An endless creativity and comfort would come about in a beautiful space of continuous growth and quality produce. I look forward to this feeling.

For now, the market is just right and so it goes for these lovely avocado squash.

I was inspired by their bright green and delicate skin and the plump little bodies they were exhibiting, they were perfect to be containing.

I had to make these cupping something yummy, and I did.



A summer spaghetti alla carbonara di zucchini, bacon, egg yolks, Parmigiano Reggiano, and cream, with fragrant lemon zest, lemon thyme, and basil. 

A creamy, bright, and rich pasta dish; courgettes, fresh herbs, and bacon impart depth and flavor to a delightful summer meal. It’s a pasta with this in mind: If it grows together, then it must go together.

Happy summer eating!


  1. I love this post so much!!! You don’t even know! I’m glowing. Now I want my own globes to cook up.

  2. Look at those strands of velvety-coated pasta. Beautiful. Hand me a napkin. I love the restraint of your styling, with the squashes vs. the noodles. Need to remember that!

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