Black Raspberry and Apricot Browned Butter Crumb Bars

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Summer / Sweet / Tart


The farmer’s market was filled with summer fruits and vegetables this weekend and so was I-with joy that is.

I just get so excited and overwhelmed when I see beautiful berries. Why is that? In the moment, I just want to buy every single little turquoise box I see, each looking so amazing and special.

It’s like each box of berries tastes different from the next. Crazy mind going here, I know. But really it’s just knowing that they’re only perfect for a few months out of the year, so it makes it hard to just grab one box with all this excitement stirring inside. I want to eat them prepared in each and every way.

I took two perfect cartons of black raspberries. 



For this fourth of July weekend, I made a tart-like cake, crumb-bar. It is a vanilla bean cake that has been topped with some apricots and these black raspberries and finished with a browned butter crumb topping.

Juicy black raspberries and apricots melt into this vanilla specked and scented cake crust while the browned butter crumb is baked on top until crisp. The tart fruit juices cook out and seep into this cake layer and it lends to a delicious first bite. Soft.

So soft, and then you see specks of Tahitian vanilla bean after each bite. It’s also just the perfect marriage between sweet and tart flavors.





  1. I am envious of your black raspberries… gorgeous! Tell you what. I’ll trade you some Heirloom Tomatoes for some of those gorgeous berries ;) Beautiful

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m glad you did cause I think I totally love your site!!
    These bars look amazing!! Perfect for a picnic!

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