End of Season Blood Oranges

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Gluten Free / Savory / Sweet


I live three blocks from a Trader Joe’s in nyc. I stopped in there the other day to pick up my usual items and came across bags of blood oranges. Piled to the ceiling. I didn’t get to enjoy them their first time around this last year and considering they are on their way out, I grabbed 4 pounds.



I have my own little ritual every saturday morning. It’s called the Union Square market. Perhaps you have heard of it.

Right now I just feel very lucky that I get to experience it every weekend.

Blood oranges, Bosc pears, Winesap apples, rocket, cracked pepper and a lemon champagne vinaigrette.

A towering arrangement of sliced fruit and a japanese mandoline obsession.


Always craving sweet! So, I decided to slice and candy these oranges with some cloves to perfume the candied exterior and add a tiny splash of vanilla for warmth…

Throwing a little cake into the mix, I really wanted to get the most out of my citrus.

And these little cups are heavenly.

Candied blood orange, yogurt, and almond cakes.

The zest of lemon and blood orange are laced perfectly throughout each tender cake. Both lend to the most perfect orange aroma and taste. A bright and chewy sliver of a candied blood orange gracing the top of each cake isn’t too bad or ugly for that matter either.

Full of flavor, full of moisture, not too sweet, and very much gluten free. Those are the tricks. They’re good for you and they make you happy.



  1. Hi Sarah! Wow! This blog is sooo cool! I am so glad you followed me so I can come visit here!
    These recipes look divine!! You’ll love those little milk bottles! They are so cute and in perfect condition! Be sure and let me know when you receive them, ok? Thanks again for following me! I’ll be back for sure!

    • Becky- Thank you so much! I so appreciate you stopping by. I’m just starting this food blog and so far it’s great! I will let you know when my glasses arrive and also when I get some good shots of them in action. :) Thank you again.

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