You Had Something To Hide

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Gluten Free / Savory


Strolling through the Union Square market this past weekend, I came across these Adirondack red potatoes and I immediately thought eggs! I love eggs. In all forms.

A tortilla in a cast iron pan made with these red beauties, some eggs obviously, a little onion, a kick from crushed red pepper, and a crunchy bright green vegetable like broccoli.

Sounds like lunch. Or a perfect breakfast?  A quick and light dinner? Mmm. Hot sauce? yes. yes and yes.

These beautiful potatoes have a bright red skin with a smooth flesh. They have a moist, creamy texture, and a low starch content. After boiling these potatoes just enough and slicing them, I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were purple inside, very purple.

Interesting. I was not expecting it, and I liked it.

Not that I haven’t enjoyed my share of beautiful purple tubers before, but this occurrence sparked my attention because their skin wasn’t yielding a blue variety potato. Perhaps they’re a hybrid between an Adirondack red and an Adirondack blue variety?

I adore them. They’re bursting out of their skins with color, charm, and high levels of anti-oxidants.

Dear Adirondack reds,

I loved you and your rustic red peel at the market, but today you were so not red.

Only fussing.

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