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Lemon Coconut Macaroons with Candied Kumquats

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Dessert / Fruit / Gluten Free / Sweet

Chewy Macaroon Packages Scented with Lemon,  and Laced with Sour Candied Kumquats   Here is another lemon inspired recipe for the week, and it’s a super easy and fragrant one. The tangy and acidic candied kumquat slices gracing the top of each macaroon cookie are what make this combination so special. Just when you think this little uniform treat is going to be a sugar explosion — it’s not. It’s a mildly sweet and sour few bites, with […]

Black Raspberry and Apricot Browned Butter Crumb Bars

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Summer / Sweet / Tart

  The farmer’s market was filled with summer fruits and vegetables this weekend and so was I-with joy that is. I just get so excited and overwhelmed when I see beautiful berries. Why is that? In the moment, I just want to buy every single little turquoise box I see, each looking so amazing and special. It’s like each box of berries tastes different from the next. Crazy mind going here, I know. But really […]