Month: December 2011

Cocoa and Pear, Browned Butter Brownies

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Chocolate / Dessert / Sweet

  I am breathing deep and cherishing the crisp, sunny days here in San Diego before I must return home to New York. My time here has been amazing, and well worth all the obstacles my family and I have now overcome. IĀ feel grateful. And I’m ready for this beautiful weekend we have ahead of us. Over here, it will be all about relaxing, not doing too much at all. I am completely alright with […]

Roasted Gala and Crab Apple, Cauliflower, and Garlic Soup

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Gluten Free / Savory / soup

  I’m missing this place. It’s a relief to be able to finally harness some time towards editing photos and writing. I haven’t had a minute to be here and say hello, and I wish I could have a bit more. Though, I’m here for my family in California right now, and it’s to help us transition through a difficult and busy situation we’re in. I’m learning a lot and gaining strength through such insanity. […]